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About Me

During the pandemic, I volunteered to plan virtual baby showers for two of my sisters-in-law. So many aspects of their pregnancies (and everyone's lives) were challenging because of the pandemic, so I did everything I could think of to make their showers special. With my professional experience facilitating virtual meetings, 10+ years of event planning, and my love of all things baby showers, I designed personalized events that truly made each of them feel showered by the love and support of their families and friends.

Babies (and weddings!) bring a lot of joy into our world, and a virtual shower is one way to share that joy! Thanks to technology, virtual showers now make it possible to share your joy with the people most important to you regardless of distance or health concerns.  I would be honored to join you during this part of your journey and to create an opportunity for your special people to shower YOU with love and support!

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