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Virtual Wedding Shower

The perfect way to gather with the important people in your life before they travel for your wedding!


Personal and unique

Formal event? Challenging Family Dynamics? Unique Wedding Colors? 

Your event planner listens and creates an experience to reflect your unique situation and preferences. You will have one person who will work with you from yes to... start Zoom!


You approve the details, your virtual event planner takes care of everything else!
Invites, RSVPs, follow ups, and reminders.

Colorful Flowers
Image by Anél van Dyk

Favors, gifts, and prizes

Nothing makes guests feel more a part of the experience than a party package in the mail a week before the event and the chance to win real prizes during the Shower games! Your event planner takes care of all buying, packaging, and mailing. (Not included in The Basics package.)

Virtual Facilitation

Relax and enjoy the experience while your event planner takes care of everything! Just click on a link and enjoy the time with family and friends while your professional event planner tactfully guides the conversation.

Laptop & Coffee


The Answers You Need

How far in advance do I need to book a virtual event planner?

For a bridal shower, at least 2 months before the date you want for the shower. Kellie will always work to accommodate your request if it is possible.

Are wedding showers only for women?

No, but it could be. Traditionally, a wedding shower was an opportunity for women who are close to the Bride to shower her with support and provide what she needs (in material goods) before her wedding, BUT it is equally common today to include the men and women in your life. Some brides want to have some special girl time before the big day to receive love and support from the women in their life, while others are looking for a fun filled couples cocktail hour on a Saturday evening. It's also possible to have multiple virtual showers - some women only and some for couples!

How much time will it take on my part?

During your initial meet and greet, be honest with your virtual event planner about how much you want to be involved. At a minimum, you need to define who is invited, their contact info, a theme, a date and a time.

Can I host a shower for myself?

Yes! A Wedding Shower is an opportunity to spend quality time with the friends and family before they travel to be present at your wedding. Your friends and family want to shower you with love and support as you prepare for this milestone event in your life. It can be a gift to your guests to include them and connect with them.

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