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Add-On Options

Elevate your perfect event

Every woman is unique! Customize your virtual shower experience with the following add-ons! Mention the any of the following packages when meeting with Kellie to create your perfect shower experience for the guest-of-honor.

Baby Shower Gifts
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Additional Party Times


Adding a second party time is perfect for a larger group so that the guest-of-honor has an intimate experience with her guests. It covers Kellie’s time and the additional complexities in the invitations and reminders. Kellie is available a half hour before each event so that guests can join, work through any technical issues, and be ready when the guest of honor joins. She shares her number as a hotline for anyone with technical challenges who wants her help as they are trying to join. *Strongly recommended for groups of more than 25.

Shower Day Box for the Mom-to-Be


These extra items will make the shower day easy and special for the Mom-to-Be! A box will be mailed to her the week of the shower with the following items:

  • 6 delicious, hand-decorated sugar cookies (or equivalent if there are dietary restrictions) for her and her husband to enjoy.

  • Back Drop supplies to reflect the theme such as a clothesline and several baby onesies, little clothes pins, and a picture frame for one of the baby’s ultrasound pictures.

  • Thank you notes with pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes so that all she has to do is write the note and stuff the envelopes.

  • A water bottle that says “Mom Est. 2023” because she’s going to be talking a lot during the shower, and needs to stay hydrated in the final weeks of pregnancy and in the first months of adjusting to being a mom!


Bouquet for the Guest-of-Honor


This optional add-on can be a sweet surprise delivered to the Mom-to-Be just a day or two before the shower. It includes a large bouquet of flowers that will compliment the backdrop and theme of the party. The flowers will brighten her weekend in a special way and add some life to the environment during the call. Flowers will be ordered from a local flower shop if feasible. If not, the flowers may be from an online delivery service.

Third Trimester Pampering Box


These additions to the Mom-to-be’s experience are perfect to help her relax and feel comfortable the weekend of the shower and throughout her final months of pregnancy. It includes a Mommy & Me Time Aromatherapy candle, belly cream for her stretching skin, and cozy socks. It also includes a shower steamer for a nice hot, relaxing shower experience, lavender eucalyptus foot soak for aching, swollen feet, and Burts Bees Chapstick.

Plus Pedicure - $25 plus the value of a gift card to a local spa. Kellie will research and find a local spa, the cost for a pedicure, and obtain the gift card to include in the Mom-to-Be’s box. A pedicure is much needed and much appreciated as a Mom-to-Be approaches her due date!


A Few of My Favorite Things


As a mom of two little ones and a third on the way, these are Kellie’s favorite items that every new mom will enjoy!

  • The Mom's One Line A Day Memory Book is a small journal that is realistic to keep up with during the first 5 years of the baby’s life.

  • Two Muslin Swaddles- an item that you can never have enough of so even if they are on a registry, two more will be appreciated!

  • For moms who hope to nurse their babies, this is Kellie’s favorite. It has a structure near the top to hold the cover away from mom and allows mom to see the baby while trying to help them to latch as a newborn or to simply smile and connect with the baby while feeling comfortable in public places. The designs are in beautiful neutrals.

  • Finally, Kellie’s favorite board book for babies is “Welcome Little One” by Sandra Magsamen.

Please note:​

  • Some add-ons are only available if you are hosting a Share the Joy shower.

  • Any individual element of a Share the Joy box can be upgraded for a small additional charge per box.

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