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Date nights = don't talk about baby

Going on date nights with your husband and agreeing not to talk about your baby (or kids) can be a rejuvenating experience. As new parents, you'll spend a significant amount of time and energy working together to meet your baby's needs. A date night is an opportunity to step out of the house, enjoy each other's company without the baby, and let your minds relax for a few hours. Rediscover your shared interests from before your baby arrived and have fun together! Remember, the best gift you can give your baby is a loving relationship between mom and dad.

This advice, often heard at baby showers, sounds simple but can be challenging to implement. It's difficult to switch off the part of your brain that's constantly problem-solving your baby's sleep, eating, growth, and development, or wanting to share every cute and precious moment. While it's wonderful to talk about and relish everything about your baby, it's also crucial to make time for your relationship.

Your date night can be an opportunity to let your husband love you and remind you how special you are. It's also a time to ensure he knows you still love him, even though much of your time and energy is now directed toward your baby.

Keep your date nights lighthearted. If you find yourselves talking about the baby, just laugh and admit that it's hard to focus on anything else. The key is to enjoy each other's company and reinforce the bond that brought you together in the first place.

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