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A virtual shower is a perfect gift for a woman who appreciates quality time with people who love her! It can be difficult for women to travel late in pregnancy or near their wedding date. Instead of spending money on a venue, catering, favors, decorations, invitations, games and entertainment, consider giving her an opportunity to share her experiences and receive timely advice and encouragement from her friends and family while she stays in the comfort of her home!

What to expect?

  • Personalized theme and planning because every woman is unique, and her shower should be too!

  • Beautiful, professional electronic invitations

  • RSVP Tracking and updates as needed

  • Guest engagement before the shower including games, opportunities to send written advice and encouragement, and communications to share teasers for this special occasion leading up to the event

  • Professional hosting and facilitation

  • 60-90 minutes of music, games, intimate moments, and quality time with your friends and family.

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Pricing: Event Services

Package Options

A perfect party for every budget

Baby shoes maternity photo

The Basics

Celebrate a special woman in your life without worrying about distance. Give her the gift of quality time and advice with friends and family before a special moment in her life!

  • 3+ hours of personalized planning

  • 1 hour planning meeting

  • 1 hour week-of call with recipient

  • Invitation design and mailing

  • RSVP tracking and personal follow-ups if needed

  • Detailed timeline

  • Build excitement for the event by creating engagement opportunities (i.e. games) and sending communications to your guests leading up to the shower

  • Games and prizes ($30 value)

  • Background music

  • Guessing game keepsake

  • AV check day of the shower

  • Text to the guest of honor the morning of the shower to see if she has any last-minute questions and to let her know everyone is excited to celebrate her!

  • Technical assistance and ability to join early for guests

  • Technical support hot line for all guests

  • Spot lighting and unmuting guests

  • Group photo

  • Professional Zoom party facilitation

  • 90 minute licensed Zoom party

  • Video download of the event

  • Donation made in your honor to a local Diaper Bank

Party box

Share the Joy

Share the joy of this special moment by sending a party box to each of your guests. The boxes really bring the party to life for the guests.  Options for content are suggested based on the theme you choose, but each box is unique and customizable to reflect the woman being celebrated.

  • EVERYTHING in the Basics Package

  • Customizable Party Box

    • Favors

    • Visual element

    • Professionally decorated cookie or equivalent

    • Drink

    • Favor

    • Personalized note

  • Items are arranged in crinkle paper and tissue paper to create a beautiful opening experience

  • All elements are customized

  • Collect and share baby photos of all guests, bump photos, engagement photos etc.

  • Shipping costs to anywhere in the Continental US

  • International Shipping is possible

  • Upgraded invitations, paper invites upon request

  • Printed keepsake and group photo mailed to recipient after the shower

Image by Annie Spratt

Premier Package

An elegant experience - every element of this package is of the highest quality. Let us pamper your guest of honor and her guests with premier party packages, special gifts sent to the guest of honor before and after the shower, and an all-inclusive experience so that you can simply relax and enjoy!

  • EVERYTHING in the Share the Joy Package

  • Bouquet of flowers and a delicious bundt sent to the guest of honor the weekend of the shower

  • Themed backdrop materials sent to the guest of honor to bring the theme to life in her space and on her screen

  • Handmade Thank You Cards and pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for each guest mailed to the recipient the week after the shower to make sending thank you notes to your generous guests as easy as possible for the shower recipient

  • Advice and encouragement from guests along with a group picture from the shower will be collected and sent to the guest of honor after the shower

  • Higher value guest prizes ($100 total) 

  • Upgraded, VIP Party Boxes shipped to your guests ($100 value per box)​​​

    • Box options include "Elegant Afternoon Tea," "Sharing S'more Love," and "Couples Cocktail Party" boxes. Each box is customized to perfectly fit what the guest of honor and her guests would most enjoy

    • In addition to higher-value box contents, the items will also have more customization and packaging for the more valuable, fragile items to add a little extra touch to every part of the experience.

    • All shopping, assembly, and shipping costs are included

      *Kellie tries to support other small, woman-owned businesses by purchasing their products whenever possible. 

Pricing: Services

Share the Joy

of a special moment in her life, and support a Mama of two boys who loves all things related to babies, baby showers, engaged couples, and wedding showers!

Pricing: Welcome

Shower Variations

Multiple party times:

If you want to gather with people from diverse areas of life such as mom's family, dad's family, and college friends, you may want to split them into separate virtual parties on the same day. There is an additional cost, but a lot of the planning is already done. Talk to Kellie about options to create your perfect experience!

Number of guests:

Kellie wants her pricing to be fair. If not as many people can make it as you hoped, Kellie will explain to you how the price is reduced per guest. Similarly, if you end up wanting to invite more people than planned, Kellie will discuss before sending the invites if there would be additional costs. The smaller the group is, the more intimate and personal the conversations can be for the guest of honor.

S'more Party Box
Pricing: Text

Payment Details

Payments are due in two installments. The first half is due when signing your contract. The remaining half is due within one week of the shower. 

Electronic payment options are available.

Taxes are included in the price of the package.

Partial and full refunds are available in emergency situations. Details are included in the contract.

Pricing: Text
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